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New Google Grants Renewal Policy

by Robert Coats on June 26, 2013

Google Grants sent out emails today notifying grantees that Google Grants will be starting a renewal policy this July. This new renewal policy will be for any Google Grantee that has been in the program for over 6 months. During the renewal process, grantees will need to re-submit proof of current, valid nonprofit status, along with their AdWords Customer ID, for review.

The new renewal process is to ensure that the grantees are in fact still nonprofits and that their AdWords account remains in compliance with the Google Grants guidelines. This new process will likely become an annual requirement to maintain the grant, however, this is subject to change.

In my talks with the Google grants team, they mentioned that  goal of the renewal policy is to ensure that grantees:

How The Renewal Process Works

Grantees will receive a notice in their AdWords account telling them when it’s time to submit their renewal form. The Grants team will also be sending 4 emails: first, an alert email telling them that renewal is coming. Then 3 emails during the renewal window telling them it is time to submit their renewal form.

Once the Google Grantee receives notice of the review they will be given a three week window to submit the required renewal information. During the review, their Google Grant AdWords account will remain active and the grantee shouldn’t notice any disruption to their impressions or clicks during the renewal review.

If during the review process the Google Grants team finds that grantee does not have up-to-date charity status and are in violation of Grants guidelines, such as hosting Adsense ads on their site, promoting more than one URL, promoting a URL not associated with the registered nonprofit, have ads/keywords that are not mission-based (ex. promoting online clothing store that’s not charity-related/selling mp3s/etc) then the nonprofit is subject to suspension from the Grants program.

Next Steps

Ensure your notification email in your Google Grants AdWords account is up-to-date. The renewal form will ask you to provide:

  • Nonprofit status number or documentation (depending on the country)
  • AdWords Customer ID
  • Nonprofit organization and contact information

Most grantees will have all of these things readily available and the process should run smoothly.

If You Need Help With Your Google Grant

If you are concerned that your grant account will not pass the renewal process and you want to ensure that your AdWords account is compliant with all of the Google Grants guidelines, feel free to reach out to us. We provide Full Service Google Grants Management. Call us at 425-405-0690 or via our contact form.


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