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PPC Competitive Analysis

Did you know that your two top competitors are bidding on keywords that you are not? We do.

Do you want to know what those keywords are? We can tell you.

Competitor keyword overlap


Every search marketing agency worth their salt will do keyword-level research for you when setting up your PPC campaigns. At Kinsey Street we provide research as well, however our level of research goes much deeper than simple keyword popularity; we take an in-depth look at your competitors and do a full PPC competitive analysis.

Their keywords… their ads… their budgets… our PPC competitive analysis at it all to ensure that the PPC campaigns we create for our clients are truly some of the best.

A PPC Competitive Analysis from Kinsey Street can help answer the questions:

  • What are your competitors investing in search marketing?
  • What keywords do they target that you do not?
  • How often are they updating their ads?

We have the PPC Competitive Analysis tools that allow us to:

  • See the keyword overlap (both paid and organic)  between you and your competitors.
  • Review ad text history to see how often competitors are changing their ads.
  • Estimate competitor search budgets and ad spend.
  • Identify wasted spend
  • Identify missed opportunities

Knowing what your competitors are doing on the search engines allows us to develop a search marketing strategy to best position you in the competitive search landscape.

Better insights. Better PPC campaigns. That is what Kinsey Street provides.

If you would like to outperform your competitors, contact us today and let us perform a PPC competitive analysis for you.



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