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Certified Google Premier Partner

Certified By Google in AdWords Management.

Kinsey Street Online Marketing is proud to be recognized by Google as a Premier Google Partner specializing in Google AdWords.

What does it mean to be qualified as a Google Premier Partner?

There are three types of agencies that provide AdWords management services:

  1. Those agencies who do not meet the requirements to be a Google Partner.
  2. Those agencies who have met the requirements to be a Google Partner
  3. And those agencies that have earned the recognition from Google as a Premier Partner by going above and beyond the Google Partner requirements.

To become a Google Partner there are three main requirements for an agency:

  1. Agency employees must demonstrate an in-depth understanding of AdWords by passing multiple AdWords exams.
  2. The agency itself must manage a significant amount of AdWords ad spend within the previous 12 months.
  3. The agency and its employees bust abide by all of Google’s terms and conditions.

As a result of these requirements, you are assured that a Google Partner agency does indeed have the knowledge and experience to manage your AdWords account.

Premier Partners are Google Partners that go beyond the standard Partner requirements. Google describes the Premier Partners badge as a way “to recognize Partners who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and deliver great results for their customers.

Suffice to say, our Premier Partner badge let’s you know that our business is healthy and that our clients are happy. We would love to have you as a a Kinsey Street client too.


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