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New Google Ad Grants Activation Process

by Robert Coats on May 28, 2020
New Ad Grants activation process.

One of the challenges for many nonprofits looking to benefit from Google’s $10,000 per month Google Ad Grant program has often been the initial set up and activation. Since the launch of Kinsey Street back in 2009 we have seen the Ad Grants team improve the program year-over-year; Whereas just the verification itself used to take several months, with the new activation process that launched today, a nonprofit can now be set up with an active Ad Grants account in under a week.

The Ad Grants team stated that the new process:

  • Has clear requirements that are easy to understand. Steps to activate are short, and emphasize website quality and function, which is critical to be successful with search advertising
  • Is fast and requires minimal up-front time investment. The first time a user opens their Google Ads/Ad Grant account, it is set up and they can get started
  • Can be completed efficiently regardless of skill/savviness levels. Anyone with knowledge of their nonprofit can get an account and get activated

3 Steps to Google Ad Grants Activation:

  1. Visit the Ad Grants product page in the Google for Nonprofit account
  2. Complete the eligibility form
    • The pre-qualification survey and quiz is now condensed into one single form.
  3. Check the box confirming you have submitted the eligibility form and Submit

Naturally, all nonprofit organizations still need to meet the eligibility requirements to qualify for Ad Grants. Full details of the Ad Grants activation process are found on the official Ad Grants Activation Guide.

So if you are a nonprofit that has not yet enrolled in the Google For Nonprofits and benefited from the $10,000 per month Ad Grant program, now is the time to enroll. It is easier than ever to set it up yourself, or have the Ad Grants experts here at Kinsey Street set it up and manage your Google Ad Grant for you.

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