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4 Quick Google Ads Tips For Small Business Advertisers

by Robert Coats on September 12, 2018

Google Ads, formerly AdWords, has well established itself as being one of the best platforms for small businesses to reach consumers looking to buy their products and services. Here are a few expert strategies that small business advertisers can use to help drive more sales with Google Ads.

  1. Know your goals.

    What is it you are wanting to achieve? Are you just looking for more traffic to your website? Or, are you looking to have the end-user turn into a customer for your business? And if you are wanting them to be a customer (which you should) what is the product or service you are wanting them to purchase? Be specific in your goal by clearly defining the task that you are wanting that prospect to complete. By doing so, you will be able to tailor craft ads that better engage your prospect and will lead to increased conversions.

  2. Start at the end.

    Once you know your end-goals, you will be able to start at that finish line and work back towards the search query. Many less-experienced advertisers start at keywords and then try to push the user to the point of conversion. Instead, apply the strategy of starting from the conversion point. This allows you to identifying the best landing page to accomplish that conversion, write ads that speak to the content on that landing page and, only then, determine the keywords that are most relevant to the ads and the landing page you have. By taking this strategy, your keywords will be much more focused. The more focused your keywords are, the more likely they are to lead back to conversions.

  3. Leverage the latest features on Google Ads to maximize the impact of your ads.

    Ad extensions such as sitelinks and callouts are a must have for today’s AdWords advertisers. If you have a “brick and mortar” small business, then location extensions and call extensions are also crucial, as well. Be certain to leverage ad extensions since they can help to increase the click through rate (CTR) of your ads. Additionally, other ad features such as Google Ads new Responsive Search Ads can also help to boost your CTR. And a higher CTR can be the catalyst that leads to improved Quality Scores, which in-turn can lead to lower cost per click bids, which means more clicks under existing budgets and ultimately more conversions (i.e. sales) at a lower cost per conversion.

  4. Ensure a good user experience.

    Getting the right traffic to your site is certainly important, however, it is only half the equation. Once your prospect is on your site, you must ensure that they have a good user experience and are able to easily complete the goal you are wanting them to complete. That involves, clear and easy navigation and making certain that your page renders quickly – on the desktop and on the ever-increasingly important mobile device where users are spending more of their time and completing more of their searches. This is especially true for purchase decisions with “near me” mobile searches having grown over 500% over the last two years according to a recent report by Google. (Source: Google Data, U.S., July–Dec. 2015 vs. July–Dec. 2017.) And since most sites loose half their visitors while a site loads, it is crucial that your site loads as fast as possible on both desktop and mobile. So before your write your ads, test the speed of your website at By doing so, you are ensuring that your new Google Ads campaigns get off on the right foot.


Google Ads is a great advertising platform for small businesses and Google has made it easy for advertisers to get set up and running on the platform. However, having a good understanding of the platform can help you get the most our of your advertising dollars. These 4 AdWords tips can help. And if you need more help, we are only a phone call away.

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