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Google Grants ‘Account Creation Guide’ Changes

by Robert Coats on December 28, 2012

New changes in the Google Grants Account Creation Guide.

The Google Grants team has recently made a dramatic change to the Google Grants Account Creation Guide and how grantees launch their AdWords campaigns.

Previously, the account creation process was a 9-step process – now it is  essentially a 2-step process although there are “steps within the steps”.

Step 1: Create an AdWords account — with no campaigns — and submit it for review. Do not create an ad or campaign until step 2.
Step 2: Once Google activates your account, the Google Grants team will notify you and you can begin creating your first ad campaign.

The really big change in the whole process is that you are now creating a “shell” AdWords account and getting it approved for use in the Grants program and then building out the campaigns. As mentioned above, there are still “steps within the steps” and the Google Grants Account Creation Guide still contains important requirements for properly setting up your campaigns so that they meet the guidelines of the Google Grants program.  Failure to set your campaigns up properly will result in errors and your ads not launching.

Interestingly, the new process also states that it can take up to six weeks for the Google Grants team to review your account – this is up from the previous 30 days and is likely due to the large number of nonprofit organizations that are discovering the benefits of the Google Grants program and signing up.

While this new process will certainly make it easier for getting new grantees launched, it is still no substitute to the benefits of having your Google Grant managed by someone who is experienced in AdWords and Google Grants management set up the account the right way to begin with so that you can get the most out of your Google AdWords Grant.

If you are a nonprofit and need help in setting up your Google Grants account or ongoing campaign management to maximize your Google Grant, let us know – we can help.


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