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Google Grants New Application Process

by Robert Coats on November 5, 2009

Google has released a major change to their Google AdWords Grant application process which allows non-profits to be up and running with AdWords even faster. Previously, the application would first have to go to one queue to be reviewed and then once approved, it would go to another queue to have an initial account built by Google. This initial account would provide the non-profit with a foundation on which to build out the rest of their AdWords campaign.

With the new process, the non-profit is notified as soon as the application has been reviewed, allowing the non-profit to build their AdWords account themselves or have a qualified search marketing agency such as Kinsey Street set it up and manage it for them. Then, Google simply reviews the new AdWords account and activates it. Suffice to say, this saves substantial time over the previous process since the queue to have the account built by Google was rather lengthy due to all the Google Grant applicants from around the World.

While this is great news for non-profits working with a search marketing agency such as Kinsey Street, other non-profits might find the new process to be a little daunting. That is because if the account isn’t set up correctly then Google will not approve it to run within the Google Grants program and the non-profit will be asked to re-submit once they have made the necessary changes to their account. Once the account is approved, Google will provide a PDF that covers the basics of ongoing management of the account. While the guide is handy, it is no substitute for experience and many non-profit managers find that they do not have the time to learn AdWords while managing all of the other needs of the organization. The end result is poorly managed AdWords campaigns that are not maximizing the full potential of the advertising grant provided by Google.

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