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Kinsey Street co-founder interviewed by BtoB Magazine

by Robert Coats on September 18, 2009

Robert Coats, the co-founder of Kinsey Street Marketing was recently interviewed by BtoB Magazine for an article on using Search marketing for lead generation. Robert, who also serves as the Senior Search Strategist with award winning B2B advertising agency Hodgson/Meyers, provided his insights into some of the best practices in using search as an integral part of the lead generation process.

“Search marketing is one of the greatest tools in our lead-generation toolbox because it allows you to reach your prospects at the precise moment they’re interested in your services or products,” said Robert Coats, senior search strategist with Seattle-based b-to-b agency Hodgson/Meyers.

When done right, search can have a large and immediate impact on lead-gen.

“There are so many things you can do with search as a lead-gen tool, and a thousand ways to approach it,” Coats said. “The key is, it’s not so much how you want to be found as how your prospects are searching. It’s understanding psychology, and human nature and how people begin their searches around issues they’re trying to resolve.”

One notable feature of search as a lead-gen tool, Coats said, is that searchers self-qualify themselves. They alert marketers as to what stage they’re at in the sales funnel by the keywords they search for—whether, for example, they’re doing initial research or are ready to buy.

“My philosophy is, you look at the keywords most relevant to what stage the prospect is in,” Coats said. “For that early awareness stage, you want your entire message—from keywords, to ad text, to landing page, to material they walk away with after filling out that lead-gen form—to be centered on that early stage. The same must be true for later-stage buyers.”

“You have to make sure each part of your search campaign is stage-specific,” he added.”

The Full Article can be read online:

BtoB Magazine – Using Search For Lead Gen

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