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Kinsey Street Online Marketing is a relatively young company (5+ years) with a BIG history. Our founder has been doing search engine marketing since 1994 and that experience shows through in the work that he does. We invite you to read some of the testimonials that have been given to him. All of which can be verified on his LinkedIn profile.

Recommendations For Robert

“There are many unsung heroes who help the Children’s Mental Health Network maintain a strong web presence. One we want to acknowledge with our deepest thanks is Robert Coats of Kinsey Street Online Marketing. Robert is a Google genius who has a deep commitment to helping non-profits succeed. Robert has been working with the Network for over a year now and has been a tremendous help and quite frankly is key to our ever-expanding reach across the country and increasingly in countries around the globe. If you are looking to increase the traffic to your website, look no further than Kinsey Street Online Marketing.”

Scott Bryant-Comstock, President & CEO Children’s Mental Health Network

“Kinsey Street was amazing to work with. I was at a point of needing help to set up google for nonprofits and they handled everything from A-Z. More important, they took the time to explain how the process worked and provided consultation and insight whenever I asked for it.

I highly recommend them!”

Scott Bryant-Comstock, President & CEO Children’s Mental Health Network


“Robert is the best!  I did a lot of work in deciding on him and have no regrets at all. His campaign gets us around 1000 clicks/day.  He is great to work with.  Before we found Rob we were a pretty much unknown non-profit.  He put us on the map.
Richard S. Glassberg, D.V.M. – Animal Health Foundation


“Kinsey Street Online Marketing has provided us with an excellent work, efficient and productive. We fully endorse them.”
Luca Belpietro, Owner at Campi ya Kanzi Kenya


Robert is extremely knowledgeable in all areas related to Search and Interactive Marketing. Highly dependable, dedicated, and motivated. A creative thinker. Personable. Major team player. ” June 28, 2011
Gary MeyersPresident. Creative Director, Hodgson/Meyers


“Robert is a dedicated team player. He’s thorough, knowledgeable, and keeps up on trends. He’s also a super nice guy and was great to have in the office – everyone got along with him, which is important in collaborative work environments such as ours. If you need his skill set, you should strongly consider him.” July 1, 2011
Tim Hodgson, Principal/Creative Director, Hodgson/Meyers


“Robert is a professional through and through. He is always quick with a well-thought out strategic solution. He was very often my one-stop shop for all things Search related. I wholeheartedly endorse Robert.” June 29, 2011
Jason Frummet, Sr. Account Director, Hodgson/Meyers


“Robert is far and away the most knowledgeable, skilled and high-integrity member of the pay-per-click/search strategies profession. He knows Google inside and out and leverages his brainpower for the ultimate client benefit every time. He’s honest, diplomatic and wicked-smart – a rare and valuable combination. As a result, Robert is one of the finest pros you could hope to have managing your search marketing campaigns.” February 22, 2010
Wayne Barringer, President, WBC Public Relations


“Robert was great to work with- very polite, genuine and had a positive attitude. I could go on and on about his skills, knowledge, professionalism, experience.” June 27, 2009
Laura Benefiel


“Robert combines a “can-do” attitude with a “get it done” mentality. He is quick to spot opportunity and has the numbers to prove it. He will describe the current situation with brutal honesty, but will follow it up with the steps needed to correct the situation. His delightful demeanor and great sense of humor is met with a strong sense of character and ethics that is hard to find these days. He will work as hard as he can and help keep everyone else focused on the task at hand. He leads by example and follows his heart—which is always aimed at the best interest of the team. ” March 24, 2009
Donald DeVange


“Robert has been a pleasure to work with. He is smart and thoughtful when it comes to the developing and execution of SEM strategies. Robert is able to successfully balance growth with accountability when it comes to customer acquisition. He also embraces constant experimentation with new channels and media.” March 8, 2009
Marco Reginelli, Relationship Manager, Retail Team, Google


“Robert knows his stuff! He’s a hard worker, good with analyzing issues and thinking through to find the most reasonable solution…” March 6, 2009
Kathryn Alva


“Robert is a thoroughly experienced pay per click analyst with knowledge of all the critical aspects of online search marketing. He has excellent skills and complete familiarity with the tools required to gather, organize and analyze data in a timely manner. Robert displayed maturity in dealing with management, his peers and the junior members of the team. I would strongly recommend Robert to any organization that seeks to get control of their search marketing activities and sustain long term success. He has the broad base of knowledge to help drive improvements in traffic and conversions. Whether in Google, Yahoo or MSN Robert can immediately roll into a production environment.” March 6, 2009
Tom Heffernan


“Robert and I worked as internal client/partner in Microsoft. Robert managed MSN channels SEM and I was his adCenter contact. He displayed great strategy and execution when managing his accounts. He was not only a great client but a true partner.” August 1, 2008
Robert Kim, Search Media Analyst, Microsoft


“Robert is an extremely knowledgeable search marketer. He understands the space and how to grow business by implementing best practices in search marketing. He is extremely analytical and his insight into both strategy and tactics serve him and those he works with very well. We enjoyed great success supporting Robert and look forward to working with him again in the future on any endeavor he undertakes.” July 22, 2008
Jennifer Taylor, Director, Search Marketing, The Search Agency


“Robert was a great client to work with. He really understood the intricacies of SEM and partnered well with our organization to consistently deliver great results. His knowledge in the online space and overall corporate objectives really helped inform many aspects of our campaign strategy. It was a definite pleasure to work with Robert.” July 19, 2008
Frank Lee, Vice-President, Search Marketing, The Search Agency


“Robert did a great job managing the SEM campaigns he was responsible for. He provided thoughtful and insightful analysis on his accounts performance. He was genuine and it was a pleasure to work with him.” September 13, 2007
Christi Olson, SEM Product Manager, Microsoft


“As Director of Planning and Implementation, Robert and I worked very closely in planning strategy to best position Precept’s product on the various Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Robert was a tireless worker and helped increase revenue at least 3 fold while reducing the marketing budget in half. Robert is an honest and hard working individual and I would highly recommend him for any position for which he may apply” July 17, 2008
Steve Brown,

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